How to Work on HSVP CCTS


This is the new version of HSVP CCTS Software with some changes. The changes are as follows:
1. Now you can view the next date of the cases by selecting the date from the calender on the Home page of
2. New master page has been added as Case Type Master.
3. Now you have 3 different boxes to enter the case no. One for the Case Type, second for the case no that will accept only integers and third for the case year. All three are compulsory Boxes. View Image Below:

4. If you want to add applications to a case then firstly add a case with the original case no, after you have added the case edit the case then you have the following button for adding case applications to that case.
5. To edit a case just search the case then take mouse over the "System File No." column to get the options to edit,delete and view view details. View the image Below: